V-Claw - The Sturdy and Versatile Device and Object Holder | HygenX Vray Holder | Camera Holder

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V-Claw™ – The Handy-Dandy Sturdy Device and Object Holder - Big or Small!

The V-Claw™ is the ingenious way to position items effortlessly and comes with:

  • A flexible, sturdy, and long gooseneck - long enough to put into a sturdy "S" shape to hold heavier items.
  • A ball-tipped gooseneck that allows for 360° maneuverability for optimal positioning - easily moves to where you want to put it.  
  • A tough C-clamp to conveniently attach the V-Claw™ to a desktop, table, shelf, counter or door.
  • Two clamp sizes - large and small - to hold virtually any device and object. 

Plus, V-Claw™ is specially designed to hold HygenX™ Vray Sanitizer in the position you want over items to be sanitized, without having to hold the unit yourself. The V-Claw™ makes it easy for Vray to sanitize keyboards, laptops, door handles, VR goggles, headphones, fabrics, odd-shaped and bulky items, and more.

Plus, as a bonus, we are including a smaller clamp to hold your smaller items, too! The V-Claw™ with its two clamps holds everything from mobile devices, cameras, camcorders and more. Just put a device in the claw and position the arm where you want – the flexible and sturdy claw easily moves to where you want to put it.

The V-Claw™ has a wide range-of-motion, is lightweight, portable and will be your new, go-to helper!


For more about the V-Claw/Vray Kit bundle, click here.

For more about the award-winning Vray UV-C Sanitizer, click here.


V-Claw Specifications:
  • Gooseneck Holder: Aluminum metal and PVC tube
  • Plastic Claw and Base Clamp: ABS
  • Extended Claw (for Vray): Ferrous metal
Product Shipping Master Pack
Weight lbs. lbs. lbs. QTY:
Dimensions 19.8x32x2.5 26x38x8 25.32x7.6x38
Warranty 1 Year
  Product Shipping Master Pack
Weight Gooseneck Portion: 0.55 lbs. Larger Claw: 0.2 lbs. Smaller Claw: 0.09 lbs 2 lbs Qty: 32; 40 lbs.
Dimensions 34.5x3x3 (Larger Claw) - 32.75x3x2.75 (Smaller Claw) 10x8x7 25.19x18.9x15.8
Warranty 1 Year

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