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You can find answers to most questions quickly using the tools and information in Customer Care or by phone at 800-631-0868 Monday through Friday, 9am - 7pm EST.

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HamiltonBuhl - Division of Vcom IMC 80 Little Falls Road, Fairfield, NJ 07004
Hours: M-F 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST Email Address:info@HamiltonBuhl.com
Phone: 800-631-0868 Fax: 800-398-1812

Order Status and Returns

Toll free: 800-631-0868 Ext. 2 Fax: 800-398-1812 customerservice@hamiltonbuhl.com

Customer Service

Toll free: 800-631-0868 Ext. 2 Fax: 800-398-1812 customerservice@hamiltonbuhl.com

Sales & Dealer Support

Toll free: 800-631-0868 Fax-In Orders: 800-398-1812
Melissa Sopata msopata@hamiltonbuhl.com
Steve Marino smarino@hamiltonbuhl.com

Int'l Sales: Steve Marino 1-201-229-9800 x1227


Technical Support

Audio, Digital and Projection Products Toll free: 800-631-0868 Ext. 3 Email Address:techsupport@hamiltonbuhl.com


Toll free: 800-631-0868 Ext. 2 Fax: 201-814-0403 Email Address: AR@vcomimc.com

Marketing & Dealer Support

Toll free: 800-631-0868 Ext. 2 Fax: 775-923-8049 Email Address: eboker@hamiltonbuhl.com


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