HamiltonBuhl® ADA Compliant Assistive Listening System

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HamiltonBuhl® ADA-Compliant Assistive Listening System (ALS700)

Most of us take hearing for granted. Sound, such as speech, occurs somewhere in the environment around us, and we, quite simply, "hear” it. And, It is well-recognized that hearing is critical to speech and language development, communication, learning and social interactions.

Breakdown learning, communication and social barriers with the HamiltonBuhl® ALS700 Assistive Listening System. Separate the sound that your audience wants to hear from the background noise, and deliver it at the right amplification level, directly into the individual’s ear.

Individuals utilizing the ALS700 receivers will easily achieve the required volume increase and gain the same level of understanding without making it too loud for everyone else.

A single ALS700 System transmitter can serve an unlimited number of receivers in a 150 foot range! Fully ADA compliant, the ALS700 is the ideal assistive listening system for any environment: school, movie theater, house of worship, performance theater and more.

Each ALS700 System Includes - one Transmitter; six Receivers; six Earbuds (ALSH700 on-ear headphones available for purchase); one Carry Case

Note: Do not interchange with ALS600 AC Power Adapter


  • ALS System Frequency Response: 100Hz - 8KHz
  • ALS System Signal to Noise Ratio: 41dB
  • ALS System Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.5%
  • ALS System RF Carrier Frequencies: Channel 1: 75.5MHz, Channel 2: 75.9MHz
  • ALS System Frequency Stability: >0.005%
  • ALS System Modulation: FM ±75KHz max.
  • ALS System Operating Range: Up to 150 feet line of sight
  • Transmitter Mic Input: Connector: 1/4" Phone jack, Impedance: Unbalanced
  • Transmitter Line Input: Connector: 1/4" Phone jack, Impedance: 100K Unbalanced
  • Transmitter Antenna: Permanently mounted, telescoping
  • Transmitter Power Output: 13dBm 5V DC, regulated @ 200mA
  • Transmitter Power Requirements: 5V DC, regulated @ 200mA; adapter included (DO NOT Interchange with ALS600 AC Power Adapter)
  • Transmitter Dimensions: 9" x 6.07 x 1.97"
  • Receiver Audio Output: 100mW
  • Receiver Connectors: 3.5mm jack for earphone output
  • Receiver Earphones: Mono earbudgs
  • Receiver Antenna: Integral with earphone cord
  • Receiver Sensitivity: 3uV for 12dB with squelch defeated Squelches at 10uV for min. 50dB S/N ratio
  • Receiver Dimensions: 2.54" x 1.32" x 3.92"
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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