Edison Educational Robot Kit - STEAM - Robotics and Coding

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Edison Educational Robot Kit Class Pack – Robotics And Coding

Named to reflect an "inventive spirit," Edison Robots are the result of a genuine passion for innovation and a vision to make electronics, engineering, robotics and programming accessible to as many people as possible. These LEGO® compatible modular and easily expandable educational robots are clean, safe, reusable, and robust, providing students across all grade levels, from ages 5+, with with an opportunity to experiment and grow their knowledge, explore their imagination, cultivate their innovativeness and have fun without expensive tools and excessive investment. Each Edison V3 robot from HamiltonBuhl® comes with an internal rechargeable battery and an attached USB cable for both programming and charging your device as well as pre-printed bar code scan sheets.

As high-paying jobs in STEM fields continue to grow, STEM education is high priority in the classroom. Though much of the effort is aimed towards middle and high schools, research shows that introducing STEM early plays a key role in cognitive development and capabilities in these subjects later in life. Much of math and science instruction in schools is abstract and theoretical, and half the job of a teacher is to engage kids in learning these abstract and complex STEM subjects. This Is where Edison Robots presented by HamiltonBuhl® come in.

Affordable and available in single or value-packs for a full class set, Edison Robots are programmable utilizing multiple FREE languages - visual and text based.

EdBlocks– a fully graphical robot programming language that is super easy to use. A drag-and-drop block-based system, EdBlocks is intuitive and fun, even for younger users. Perfect for introducing anyone to programming, EdBlocks is ideal for students 5 to 12 years old.

EdScratch– a hybrid graphical robot programming software (similar to Scratch), combines drag-and-drop graphical icons with increased functionality from text-based entry, making programming fun and easy to learn!

EdPy– the easy to learn, high readability and very popular Python programming language. EdPy teaches a real life programming language and makes text-based programming fun and easy!

Along Edison's face are Lego® compatible plates that allow the Edison robots to be scaled up into sophisticated creations, or even combined and doubled up for a more complicated system.

Feature-Packed Learning: Each Edison V3 robot comes with an internal rechargeable battery and an attached USB cable for both programming and charging and boasts a variety of features that enhance learning:
- Infra-red (IR) for communication
- Line tracking
- Barcode reading
- Sound and music playback
- Sound detection
- Two variable-speed motors
- Red LED lights
- Three control buttons

Built to last, these robots are rugged and tough, suitable for all ages – from K-12 grades, and incredibly enough can still function after being driven over by a car!

With Edison robots, students go beyond memorization and actively engage with engineering concepts, math principles, programming fundamentals, and general science topics like sensors.


  • Edibot-1 Includes: 1 Edison V3 robot with an internal rechargeable battery, attached USB cable for programming and charging, as well as a Programming Barcode Card Pack
  • For Ages: 5+ suitable for all ages, across all grade levels
  • Edison Robot Sensors: Left and right infrared obstacle detection; Left and right light sensors; Clap detector; Line tracking sensor
  • Edison Robot Built-In Components: Left and right LED lights; Buzzer; Two Motors with encoders
  • Robot Communications: IR receiver; Infrared LEDs
  • Edison Multi-Functional Line Tracking Sensor: Detects lines; reads barcodes to activate pre-programmed functions; receives programming signals from EdWare via the attached USB cable
  • Compatible With: Lego® Bricks
  • Programming Languages: EdBlocks - Fully graphical robot programming language, available FREE at; EdScratch - Hybrid graphical robot programming language, available FREE at; EdPy - Highly versatile text-based programming language, available FREE at
  • Prop 65 Compliant
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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