HamiltonBuhl Flex-Phone™ TRRS Headset with Gooseneck Microphone for K-5

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Flex-Phones™ TRRS Headsets with Steel-Reinforced Gooseneck Microphone

HamiltonBuhl® Flex-Phones™ headsets are made of the same great construction as the best-selling Flex-Phones™ headphones and feature a steel-reinforced, gooseneck microphone, volume control and TRRS connector - developed specifically for Pre K-5. It’s the ideal companion for Chromebooks or any device with a TRRS input.

HamiltonBuhl® Flex-Phones™ headsets are the safe, non-toxic, BPA-free, soft, flexible, nearly indestructible units. The gooseneck microphone can be easily positioned for optimal communication.

With extremely clear stereo sound quality and comfortable leatherette ear cushions, Flex-Phone headsets are ideal for remote, at-home use or in school. Flex-Phones™ headsets come with a snap-on extension band for smaller children – just snap on the extension band for a more perfect fit. Flex-Phones™ headsets also feature the exclusive Dura-Cord™ – the chew-, kink- and knot-resistant, PVC-jacketed, braided cord.

Twist-'Em, Turn-'Em, Kids Can't Break 'Em!


  • Design: Mid-size, on-ear
  • Cushions: Leatherette
  • Headband: Twistable EVA Foam
  • Plug: 3.5mm TRRS stereo, 120° angle, thin barrel
  • Cord: 4' Dura-Cord - chew-resistant, PVC-jacketed, braided nylon
  • Headset Speaker Drivers: 30mm
  • Ear Buds Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Headset Impedance: 32Ω
  • Headset Sensitivity: 97dB ±4dB
  • Mic Type: Omnidirectional with passive noise cancelling
  • Mic Material: Steel reinforced gooseneck
  • Mic Sensitivity: -42dB ±3dB
  • Mic Frequency Response: 100Hz-10KHz
  • Mic Impedance: 2,200Ω
  • Mic Output Wattage: 20-30mw
  • Storage Bag: Anti-Lice, heavy-duty, write-on, moisture-resistant, reclosable bag. Helps prevent the spread of lice! When sealed in the bag, lice are killed in 24-48 hours without the use of chemicals
  • Prop 65 Compliant
  • Warranty: 1 year

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