HamiltonBuhl Hook-It! Dual Headphone/Headset Hanger with 3M Adhesive and Screws

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HB Hook-It!™ Dual Headphone/Headset Hanger – Includes 3M Adhesive And Screws

The handy HB Hook-It! (HB-HOOK) is the perfect accessory for keeping headphones and headsets neatly stored in today's tech-filled classrooms, at work and in homes.

Holds ultra-securely to clean/finished surfaces using genuine 3M adhesive and/or screw mounts. Mounting is quick and easy. Do not apply to unfinished wood or fibrous surfaces. Can be mounted to shelves, under desks, under tables, side walls and more.

Keep headphones out of sight and easy to reach, when needed. Minimize cord clutter. Attractive and durable, these hooks hold two sets of headphones, small to large, at the same time. Universally compatible, this hook will quickly solve the "tangled cord" issue when storing headphones and headsets. With thousands of other uses, it can also hold a lightweight purse, shopping bag and more!

Dual Headphone Hanger: Holds two sets of headphones at the same time. Use wherever you find it convenient for gaming or computer accessories. You will discover numerous ways to use this handy hook.

Includes Two Easy Methods To Install:

1. Mount securely using the strong adhesive two-sided tape.

2. Mount using screws for extra strength and security.

Attractive and durable, these hooks are beautifully made and machined aluminum, capable of holding small to large headphones without bending or breaking.


  • Included: 3M Adhesive Sticker, 3 Screws & Surface Cleaning Wipe
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Surface Finish: Oxidizing sand blasting
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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