HamiltonBuhl TPS-T50 Tripod Screen Carrying Bag with Shoulder Strap

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HamiltonBuhl® TPS-T50 Tripod Screen Carrying Bag with Shoulder Strap

The HamiltonBuhl® Tripod Series is the ideal budget solution for mobile presentations and various other portable applications. So why not keep it safe and make it even easier to transport! With the HamiltonBuhl® Tripod Travel Carrying Bag, you can prevent minor scuffs, scratches and denting from occurring. The easily adjustable shoulder strap also makes the screen more easily to maneuver and walk with. When storing the tripod, simply retract the screen into the casing, lower the upper adjustable shaft, fold up the tripod legs/base, and pivot the screen casing to create a single unit that's easily placed inside the carry bag. Protect your screen!

• Designed to fit HamiltonBuhl® TPS-T50; 71" diagonal, 50"x50" tripod projector screen
• Made of ultra-strong and durable black nylon fabrics
• Easily covers, stores and makes transporting your screen easy
• Features long, adjustable shoulder strap making it easy to carry
• Rugged zipper closure



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