HamiltonBuhl Deluxe-Size Active Noise-Cancelling Headset with In-Line Microphone


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HamiltonBuhl® Deluxe Active Noise-Cancelling Headset with Case!

The HamiltonBuhl® Noise-Cancelling Headphone With Case (NCHBC1) easily transforms into noise-cancelling headset with the included removable headset conversion cord with an in-line microphone!

This deluxe Active Noise-Cancelling unit is specially-designed to deliver superior noise-cancellation by actively reducing harmful and annoying low frequency sounds in noisy environments. The deluxe-size, over-ear cups with soft cushions deliver passive noise suppression as well. Together, the passive and active noise-cancelling technology creates a quiet, soothing environment to focus on the audio delivered to your or have some peace with no sound.

Now, this terrific deluxe-sized noise-cancelling workhorse unit can be converted to a headset! Participate in Zoom calls, Microsoft Team Meetings, Webinars, Skype calls, etc...  without noise interruptions. 

The active noise-cancelling (ANC) circuitry runs on one "AAA" battery (not included) and comes with a zippered carry case for protection and easy storage. Featuring an adjustable padded headband and a removable 5' Dura-Cord™ that can be swapped out for the included 5' Dura-Cord™ with an in-line microphone to turn your headphone into a headset. 

With it's active noise-cancelling technology, this convertible headset /headphone unit is ideal for use with tablets, mobile devices and any unit with a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack. Plus, this unit is Prop 65 Compliant.


Headphone (NCHBC1) Specifications:

  • Speaker: 40mm
  • Sensitivity: 100dB ±4dB
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Frequency range: 50Hz-20KHz
  • Nominal input (rate power): <50mW
  • Maximum input (power handling capacity): 100mW
  • Active cancellation: Up to 15dB - 20dB
  • Cancellation: between 100Hz – 1KHz
  • Battery: One (1) AAA (not included)
  • Cord: 5' Removable Dura-Cord
  • Plugs: 3.5mm TRS with 180° angle (Plugs to Ear Cup End) and 3.5mm TRS with 120° angle (Plugs to Audio Source)
  • Prop 65 Compliant

In-line Microphone Cord (NCHBC2) Specifications:

  • Plugs: 3.5mm TRS with 180° angle (Plugs to Ear Cup End) & 3.5mm TRRS with 120° angle (Plugs to Audio Source)
  • Microphone Type: Noise Cancellation Enabled Mic
  • Cord: 5' Removable Dura-Cord - the chew and kink resistant PVC jacketed nylon cord.
  • In-Line Mic Button Functions:
    •     Smartphone/Tablet PC:
      • Press & Release - Call answering/Call ending/Media Player Play & Pause
      • Press & Hold – Mute/Activate Voice Control Assistance (ex.: Siri)
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