Who Writes History?

Developed to let teachers and students customize and add Augmented Reality CHRONOS content to the timeline!

Meet ChronoQuest™ – the highly imaginative, knowledge-based learning experience ideal for today’s screen-loving students! And, out-of-the-box, ready for teachers. Created by technologists, informed by educators, ChronoQuest™ uses Augmented Reality to shed exciting new light on history. Century-by-century, students quest through time learning about, even adding to, history’s past! 

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Quest: Enlightenment

Students will be able to explain how The Enlightenment led to major change in various nations.
Lesson 1 - Enlightenment Activities
Quest: The New World
Students will be able to compare and contrast the interactions of different populations throughout history.

Lesson 2 - New World Activities

Quest: World War II

Students will be able to compare and contrast how different groups of people experienced World War II.
Lesson 3 - WWII Activities