TRRS Plug Adapter

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HamiltonBuhl® TRRS Plug Adapter

The HamiltonBuhl® TRRS2PC "Problem-Solver" easily converts any headset using a single TRRS plug into a dual plug used by older, standard computers. 

Designed to allow single plug headsets, to connect to computers that have 2 jacks: one for the microphone, and one for the headset. This problem-solver features a compact, sturdy design that allows you to adapt the latest technology to your older computers, laptops and devices. 

The TRRS2PC's overall length is 10"; cable is 7" long.

Product Shipping Master Pack
Weight lbs. lbs. lbs. QTY:
Dimensions 19.8x32x2.5 26x38x8 25.32x7.6x38
Warranty 1 Year
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Weight   0.05 lbs. lbs. 2.05 lbs. Qty: 50
Dimensions   1x0.5x6 1x9x6 10X8X7
Warranty   1 Year

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