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HamiltonBuhl STEAM SNIPS Instruction Manual

STEAM SNIPS kit includes the LabPlus software, perfect for more advanced learners looking to gain more control over their programs and inventions. Download LabPlus and take the STEAM SNIPS experience to an entirely new level!

The Joint Module can be programed using LabPlus to create complex commands for STEAM SNIPS to follow. Unlock the full potential of STEAM SNIPS and discover all that’s possible with this comprehensive coding and engineering kit.


STEAM SNIPS™ are electronic building modules that can be combined in an infinite number of ways, creating all sorts of electronic inventions, and best of all, they are designed to appeal to both boys and girls.

STEAM SNIPS™ include 73 different components, each can work with every other module in the set – all that is needed is imagination, inspiration and curiosity to build an infinite number of combinations of electronics products.

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