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Listening Centers

Listening Centers


"Hearing is the primary channel for learning. The more children hear, the better they learn." —Dr. Mark Ross, University of Connecticut.Build listening skills, sight vocabulary, model phrasing and fluency, expose kids to a variety of story structures and foster independence – these are just some of the benefits your students will gain when using a well-designed learning center.

Choose from a variety of configurations,ideal for your classroom and school environment, and enhance the learning experience of all your students.



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HygenX NatureWeave 100% Biodegradable Sanitary Ear Cushion Covers (4.5" White, Master Carton/600 Pairs) - For Over-Ear Headphones & Headsets

$270.33 $166.35

Environmentally-Friendly, 100% Biodegradable HygenX Ear Cushion Covers made of NatureWise™ fiber - Master Carton 600 Pairs HygenX™ 100% biodegradable sanitary covers are the must have accessory for all headphones and headsets in any shared...

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